Care package for Christmas

Today we made a care package for a family member who is a student at a college far away from here which is the reason why we rarely get to see her. But she’s dropping by on her way from someplace to another place on Christmas day and I thought what the heck, I used to love receiving care packages back in my day!

So I rescued a sturdy box from the recycling bin, covered it with red paper, and had the kids decorate it with stickers and Christmas motives from old wrapping paper.

Then we wrapped the food items like peanut butter, snacking pickles and other similar things in more paper, added colourful ribbons on top, and piled them inside the box.

I commended each kid to go to their Halloween boxes and take out some chocolate (since everyone knows all girls like chocolate, especially students pulling all-nighters). Surprisingly, each one parted with more than one chocolate from their box (although not nearly enough for my liking).

Tomorrow I will supplement the box with some crackers, pasta, jam and maybe a bottle of wine, and her present will be ready.


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