Oh butter!

But is tasty. It’s a whole food (compared to margarine which is a chemistry-lab food) and when used sparingly, the flavour of your food is enhanced in a most delicious way.

This is my opinion about butter.

The thing with butter however is that if you leave it in the fridge, it’s too hard to spread (to the delight of my mom, who used to love her butter). What ended up happening was that the butter looked more like a slice of cheese. Sure, some people like to taste the butter, but even so, the spreadability of butter is one of those things that some people are particular about.

Leaving butter out on the counter, especially in warm or hot, humid weather, made the butter look funny and taste rancid.

The answer to solve such a problem is a butter bell.

Butter Bell

Andrea mentioned a butter bell on her blog. I thought it was a good idea and emailed her for her opinion on this item. The butter bell she had obtained required some kind of water addition to a special compartment, and at that time I thought, ugh, too time consuming. One more thing I gotta deal with.


For Christmas, my mom gave me a butter bell. She found a really nice, hand-made one at the One of a Kind Christmas Show in Toronto, and upon speaking to the artist, she discovered that the adding of ice water was no longer required.

Butter Bell with butter

I love my butter bell. I have it sitting on my counter, and everytime I look at it, I smile. I know that the butter inside it is ready to use and not rancid.

You won’t find margarine in this house.


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