The joy of sprinkles

I am feeling completely uninspired lately, kinda tired, sluggish and on the verge of another cold, which does not motivate me to do much of anything.

This is the partial reason why in every entrance way of this house there are small piles of wet clothing, boots and other kiddie-debris. Also why the clean dishes are still in the dishwasher and the unwashed ones all over various parts of the kitchen.

My half-hearted attempt to clean up the kitchen left me even more uninspired….ugh.

But then I noticed something. Which I immediately deemed as photographable…

I have a lot of sprinkles in my kitchen.

I can’t recall growing up in a house where sprinkles were a part of our lives. We were not denied desserts or sweets, but back in those days I can’t say it was a national obsession either. And sprinkles were either not available to the degree they are today, or my mom simply did not think to use them on baked goods.

These days kids are bombarded at every minor and major event with sweets. Just last Halloween, upon opening a what I thought was an empty tin, I discovered sweets from the previous Easter and Valentine’s Day festivities…

But back to the sprinkles. When I serve my kids hot chocolate (made with whole milk, fair trade semi sweet powdered chocolate, and a dollop of unsweetened full fat whip cream) they are delighted. When I sprinkle the whip cream with some sprinkles…

Their expressions are priceless.

And that puts a smile on my soul too.


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