The quirky ticks of a 5 year old boy

Mostly it involves mess.


Sometimes they’re just little behaviour things…like when he touches something with one hand, he has to touch it with the other. If his left elbow accidentally brushes a post in a mall, he has to go back and touch the right elbow to the post. If he’s eating a messy slice of pizza and uses his left hand to scratch the right side of his nose, he puts the pizza down, and uses his right hand to scratch the left side of his nose.

But mostly he makes a mess.

Is he just a clumsy kid? Is he growing so fast that he can’t help himself? Is this a kid thing? A boy thing?? Is he just accident prone?


Someone please tell me what to do. Because I do not want to add insult to injury and start hounding him with words that will emphasize this behaviour. I have to catch myself all the time to not say ‘watch what you are doing, or you’ll drop it‘ or ‘pay attention to how you’re holding that or it’ll break‘.

Even if I say nothing ‘it‘ will mostly likely happen to him anyway.

I don’t know what to do. Mostly I just give up. So what if he has toothpaste stains on the front of his shirt before he even leaves the house. So what if he has a rip in his pants. So what if he drops a baggie of gummy bears on the floor inside a store, picks them all up, and eats them anyway (let’s hope DH isn’t reading this)…

We talk about it. We talk about prevention, and how he can be accountable for these things. But maybe a kid just doesn’t care. I mean, if I show him or watch him or assist him during his toothbrushing, and he ends up with toothpaste spit on his shirt, it’s not like he goes off to change his shirt. It doesn’t bother HIM.

Should it bother ME?

Sometimes it does. Mostly it does, particularly first thing in the morning (or if the same thing happens at night and he’s worn that particular pj top for 36 seconds).

I try to have my kid look at least somewhat presentable. Presentable meaning wearing clean and non-ripped clothes. But frankly…

I do not know.

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