Getting into the swing again

This is the first day of the rest of my life. Where no one is sick. And everyone is out of the house.

It’s been more than a week since I’ve had a couple of hours to myself and I missed it.

Sickness has taken us hostage last week but all is well at Javaline again.


* * *

Yesterday my mother mentioned she had recently observed some of the quirky behaviour in Benjamin and said “do you remember how your brother used to do the exact same thing?”


He, my brother, is four years younger than I, and used to, as a 3 or 4 year old, insist on walking down the exact middle of…anything: a walkway, a sidewalk, a door at a mall, store, entrance, pretty much anywhere. He would throw such a fit, and refuse to continue on, that my mom started carrying chalk with her so she could draw a line down the center of wherever they were walking.

So far Benjamin hasn’t heard this story, and I hope to keep it this way…

* * *

I have noticed a significant change in my body whenever I divert from eating mostly fresh vegetables and whole grains to a few white-flour or sugar products. Even homemade pastries or bread, cakes or pies…if I eat that stuff I find myself feeling not unlike hungover the next day. This is a real indicator to several things for me:

I am aging and feeling these [side]effects in ways directly related to diet.

I am craving white flour or sugar products much less often when I don’t consume them as often (which is bonus on the waistline too!).

I have more energy when I stick to the non-white flour and sugar diet which gets me out to walk more.

More energy is always a good thing.

Deep freeze winters are hard without sweets, I find. Nothing like a nice warm cup of tea with a little sweet beside it to help pick me up in mid-afternoon. Only for me, I reach for a second, or third sweet, and then it’s time to start cooking, and I pour a glass of wine (more sugar) and and and…before I know it, I feel the effects of the sugar in me.

I used to be hypoglycemic and do not welcome those blood sugar jo-jo games.

The most important thing I did notice was that if I stick to my very specific breakfast, I tend to have less cravings in general. Combined with less coffee, less wine, and more lemon water, this breakfast has done me good.

I think I will post about my breakfast tomorrow.


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