Spring. With snow.

Yesterday, as we came back from the library, we see the neighbour’s boy on the sidewalk in front of the house riding his bike.

Sure there’s snow around, but it’s melting.

Sure it’s cold enough to wear hats and gloves but the sun was shining.

Sure it’s still February, but the sidewalks are clear.

Enter 5 year old boys and before you know it, the bikes come out.

Benjamin immediately took the biggest metal snow shovel to the shed/garage thing we have at the end of our driveway and started hacking at the small pile of ice in front of the bent garage door.

No avail, he could not get the door open. They had to make do with taking turns and using the scooter as well.

But it’s a sign. Despite the big fat snowflakes falling from the ski this morning.

I’m taking it as a sign…


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