When one is 5 years old and wins a hockey trophy, one cannot let that trophy out of one’s sight. One must hold it, touch it, and possibly sleep with it at all times. When one’s mother takes the trophy away for the 2 minutes it takes to brush one’s teeth and get ready for school, one must unleash a very loud noise in protest. Encouraging words from one’s mother that the quicker one gets oneself ready the quicker one will get the trophy back is met with more loud noises and the opposite of quick occurs.

When one has clean teeth and receives the trophy back the previous antics are swiftly forgotten.

When one’s mother requests to take an updated picture of siblings together for various family members abroad to see, one must always remember to be silly and to fool around. This will ensure original pictures and assure the extended family (and a large portion of the cyber world) that one is not completely normal, and that normal behaviour is a matter of perspective.

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