Blame the internet

I have come to the conclusion that clutter is here to stay. It’s part of raising a family. It’s never going to completely be under control no matter how hard I rage nag work cry try to do so.

I have also come to the conclusion that it’s the internet’s fault.

Has anyone noticed my absence for a week? That’s because the internet conked out on me. We had no phone line (heavenly, the silence!) and therefore no internet.

Talk about withdrawal symptoms. I admit, I really suffered…I missed my email with its invitation to distracting conversations with people, I missed my online calendar with all its important reminders not to forget to do this or that, I missed reading inspirational blogs. I missed Google news, or Google in general.

One day I was stumped about what to make for dinner. I had stuff in the house that could have been cooked into an eatable meal, but I lacked the oomph  to put something together. Enter Google. I was going to type in ‘navy beans, rapini‘ and see what comes back.

Couldn’t do it. So sad.

However. I have to admit by the second day, I didn’t even bother trying to connect to an unsecured wireless server. Why bother…I had been disappointed for days. Instead, I did two things:

I cleaned up the laundry room which looked more like a storage room, and

I checked email against a ticking clock at the library. (The limit was 15 minutes at a communal computer terminal).

That was fine. I got my fix and I got stuff done around the house. I also spent a couple of lovely mornings outside with the kids raking the dead leaves off the emerging spring flowers. Not that spring is coming anymore, starting mid-week we’re going back to cold and snow.

But it was nice to get that taste.

Oh, and it was March Break. AND I now have a 6 year old son.

And Sonja is sick.

But such is life amid the clutter at Javaline.


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