Ecstasy and agony in offspring

This morning, on the way to school, I suddenly felt this elation. Euphoria, almost.

The love I felt for those two children in the back of the van, their chatter and sing-song, it just made me feel so happy.

I felt a deep connection with them at that moment.

We had a great March break. We had practically no stress. With the exception of a serious bout of fever in Sonja that lasted for almost 4 days, it was wonderful.

This morning I realized that I am more than just ‘not unhappy’. I was actually happy. For a brief moment, the uncertainty, the despair, the never-ending confusion and chaos, it was all a distant memory.

I could feel the happiness.

Fast forward to 8  hours later:  girlie is having a meltdown because she somehow forgot how to undress herself.

She demanded, screamed and yelled at me to help her while I was elbow-deep in soapy dishes.

Mir has a category on her blog called Offspring: estasy and agony.

That is exactly what it feels like. This parenting-thing. Ecstasy followed by agony.


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