Life is like that

We are transitioning. From ‘spring-break and sick-kid and relaxing’ to ‘back-to-school’ routines.

The weather is playing havock. One day we’re out playing baseball or basketball in a light jacket, next day there is snow and ick outside.

Today was supposed to be Ben’s and my first day to go to the museum together.

We’re not going.

First, because they pissed me off yesterday and I’m still trying to get over that. (The kids, not the museum.)

And second, because the weather sucks.

The weather would mean we would have to wear a lot of layers which would be wet by the time we would get to the museum and I would end up having to carry the stuff around for two hours.

Not in the mood.

So we’re not going. Instead we may head out to IKEA to look at stuff. Something to do, and I need some outdoor umbrellas should spring or summer ever arrive around here.

And they have coffee there.

And the kids like it there. They take the paper measuring thing and the little pad and paper and the measure stuff and write stuff down.

And. I may even remember to bring the dead batteries for recycling.

Maybe. Or not. Whatever.

This is a mid-week slump. So there.


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