When the glass is half empty: 1

I have two very rowdy boys in the house. They are loud and silly possibly a touch destructive. I say a touch because I hear certain noises but I cannot be certain that they are actually breaking anything.

Benjamin has a huge city made out of lego down in the basement. Sometimes some kids play with it very nicely and yes, sometimes the lego toys break apart. But sometimes, some kids smash something which then encourages the other ones to act out in the same way. Prior to leaving the car and entering the house I said: Ben, it’s ok to play with lego but it’s not ok to break it on purpose or to smash it to make the pieces fly around. Even if you think it’s funny.

Two rowdy boys are accompanying me to pick up Sonja in half an hour, at a place where other children, tiny tots, are already napping. The remaining daycare children are either being read to or are focused on some Montessori work. When my girlie runs into my arms it’s with noise, motion and activity, particularly because her best friend also leaves at this time and does the same with her grandmother.

To keep the two 3yo girls focused on staying quiet, getting dressed, and WALKING not RUNNING in the hallway is extremely challenging. With two rowdy boys in tow, one of whom has never been there, it will be…more challenging.


The glass is half full:

Those two boys are so happy and so full of life. Nothing matters at the moment except that they finally got their long-awaited playdate.

They listened attentively to my expectations on what to do and not do at Sonja’s Montessori and within a blink of an eye they were gone down to the basement to play hockey.

Living life is all about being focused, happy and very, very active. Expressing this happiness is about vocalizing it at the top of their lungs.

The glass is half full because, amongst other reasons, we live in a house and not in an apartment like the little boy who is visiting us today.

Let them live life.


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