I’m fine, really I am

Even though it’s been one heck of a couple of weeks.

I’m fine. Mostly.

Besides the fact that my 6yo has a hole in his head that required stitches (well, he was stapled), we have:

  • a damaged car door caused by another car’s door denting it
  • a scratch on the car caused by some idiot who walked with his key in hand
  • a completely empty coffee tin (really, this is quite tragic)
  • a stomach bug that won’t go away (but allows me to keep some food down)
  • several family birthdays past/present/imminent future for which I have done nothing yet
  • a parking ticket
  • a family member in the ICU for whom it is touch and go
  • and a racoon who is probably birthing in my garage (it’s tradition!)

I’m probably forgetting other stuff, but forgive me, my brain is kinda fried.

* * *

After Benjamin had his accident, I took both kids (one wet from swimming lessons, the other bleeding from the head) to Urgent Care where we proceeded to wait to be assessed, registered, processed, analyzed and treated.

Sonja was very impressed with the assessing part, less impressed with the registering part, and when daddy came to take her home, left under duress (aka loud protest) because she wanted to see the inside of a hospital, the doctor, and the procedure to fix her brother.

Good thing she went home because it took 3 hours to get Ben fixed up.

The nicest thing that happened was this: while feeling a little stressed about my child’s head injury, the children were very well behaved in the waiting room. Quiet and obedient, not rowdy and loud. A very nice man sitting near us approached me after a while and asked me what number my ticket was. It was 11. He gave me his, which was 10, and said I could go ahead of him, it was fine. The electronic number flashing on the wall said 8. I thought that was very kind of him. This probably cut our waiting time down by about 20 minutes.

But my goodness was Sonja mad at me when we finally got home. She screamed and cried and hit me, and complained about completely non-related stuff. Finally I took her into my arms and voiced out some possible emotions she was experiencing and unable to communicate with words.

“That was so scary, seeing Benjamin bleed from his head wasn’t it, Sonja? And then daddy took you away before you got to see the inside of the hospital, and that makes you sad, doesn’t it?”

She calmed down. Poor thing.

And Benjamin seems ok too. That fact that he didn’t black out during his fall indicated that he probably didn’t suffer a concussion, but the gash in his head was nevertheless quite deep. The size of my thumbnail. Funny thing is we didn’t even notice it was bleeding at first, since his rather long hair must have soaked up some of the blood.

Poor boy. But he’ll live, and so will the rest of us.

* * *

As far as the rest of our ongoing saga is concerned, we’re heading into a four-day long weekend and everyone is off and home. We’ll have some low key family visits, a couple of birthday/Easter brunches, and some home-time. Everyone needs a break, and I hope the weather will participate. Because WINTER has not left our corner of the world yet, even though the spring flowers are in full bloom…but that too will change. Probably overnight in the very near future.


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