Busy active bouncy kids

The main difference between my two kids, other than gender, is their activity level.

No, that’s not right. Their activity level is the same. Let me think about this again…

Their main difference is in HOW they exercise their activity. Does that make sense?

Take the boy. He’s older (6) and very fidgety. He’s also clumsy, although I try not to say the word out loud (too often) lest he hear me and become more that way. But he fidgets everywhere he is. He is never still.

He watches TV (sports, mostly) by either sliding around on, near, and off the couch upstairs, or by whacking a ball around with his hockey stick downstairs.

He gets up while eating to check the window, to move the curtain, to kick a balloon, to go to the bathroom, to slide his chair closer/further away from daddy or Sonja…or to simply just change position. Knees up, knees down. Feet on chair, feet down. Slippers on, slippers off…

It’s dizzying. All this nervousness is making me crazy.

Yet I have to bite my tongue and not say too much since this would just aggravate him, and cause more accidents. Or spills.

I tell myself, boys are like that. Every chance I get I throw him outside. Let him fidget outside.

The girl who is 3 is so different in how she moves. Oh she moves all the time too, but very differently from her brother. She reminds me of a ping pong ball. She bounces. Constantly. And while she bounces she talks. Constantly. With her, there is no stillness either, yet when she eats a meal, or watches TV, the bouncing ceases. She is perfectly happy to bundle up with a blanket and a stuffed toy and watch a show or a movie without incessantly getting up and moving about the place. Mind you, her mouth doesn’t stop talking, but that’s neither here nor there. She STOPS moving some of the time.

The rest of the time?




Makes me tired just watching her.


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