Exasperated does not begin to truly express how I have felt today these days for the past week.

Rushed, depleted, crazed are other words that come to mind. It drives home all the mixed emotions of having children who are growing UP.

Or are just growing.

Doesn’t make it easier at all though…take pants, for example. Where am I going to find pants for that boy? The waist indicates he needs a size 3T, 4T at the most. Which of course doesn’t work with the length.

The pants I do find that fit his length are so wide at the top, I doubt they’ll fit him when he’s 8. He’s that lean. Leaner than his cousin who is 3 years younger than him.

Shoes? Forget the good quality ones. Walmart has cheap runners he’ll wear for two months until they don’t fit or break.

I don’t particularly enjoy Walmart, but I spent close to 200 smackaroos there today…loading up on everything and then some.


Of course half the money went to band aids. Because now that the staples have been pulled out of the back of his head, he exhibits new cuts and bruises on the front of his face…wonder if purchasing stock in band aid companies will make me rich?

And the girl? She is constantly fighting some bug. The most recent one lasted almost a week and was complete with fever and coughing bouts with gagging, barfing and extra laundry. Then today, she’s fine. Marching through the Old Navy shopping for dresses for herself.

That same girl also went to her Kindergarten Open House the other day. Kindergarten. Well, junior Kindergarten, but still. She is most definitely not a baby anymore…but then, she never really was. This is a girl who grew up beyond her years the day after she was born, or at least it seems that way to me. Did she ever not walk, or talk? I can’t remember that time at all…


I need to take a step back and stop running. And look at my children. This is the age, really, that everyone loves. Small enough to still be cute and endearing, yet old enough to be more independent.




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