Family bike ride

There is a great bike path right at the bottom of our street, following along the shores of a big lake, and connected through pretty neighbourhoods dotted with parks, playgrounds and gardens.

The big park next to our street has, since last year, a new skating artificial rink, designed in the figure 8. It didn’t occur to me to use this rink as a bike path, but lo, when we got there, people were roller blading, strolling and riding their bikes along there!

Sonja made it out to the figure 8 on her own bike, no small feat for such a tiny child. Took us about 15 minutes to get there, which was just long enough.

Cycling is great exercise for the whole family. At the same time, and keeping in mind Sonja’s, um…personality, which can change from hot to cold in 5 seconds flat, I had the foresight to attach the bike trailer to one of the adult bikes. Just in case she got tired…

Benjamin was thrilled with the ride. He raced up and down the figure 8 like a maniac, zooming by his dad and Sonja many times.

The Power House in the background had public bathrooms and benches in it, which serves the skating public in wintertime. But coming here in the summer was just as inspirational. Next time we’ll definitely bring some snacks, or a picnic.

This was a low-key Father’s Day in brilliant summer weather.

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