I spend time reading blogs every day, although my favorite time is during my first coffee at breakfast time. With summer vacation in full swing around here though, that has not been happening. Seems kids have a lot to say when they wake up and don’t have to get ready for school…

yak yak yak

chat chat chat

bicker bicker bicker

yak yak yak

What else is also not happening is posting to this blog. My note-taking into my nifty little Blackberry about what I want to blog about right here at Javaline doesn’t seem to be happening either. Although my current list of ideas is big, and in some cases detailed. But as soon as I sit down at this laptop, my brain dries up…

We’re in vacation mode. Maybe when we get back from Montreal I’ll be more, um…into it again. Perhaps.

In the meantime, I regularly check in with the bloggers on my blog roll and let them inspire me.

And listen to those kids chat my ear off…


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