Single mommy-ing

DH has gone fishing.

And what do I do with the kids all day? Well, one day we went to Ikea and bought and assembled this:

I will review the assemblying later. I don’t have time now…what with kids and heat wave and summer vacation and DH away fishing…

I’ve been wanting to get bunk beds for some time. The kids are 6 and 3 and DH was not, and is not, and probably will not be too thrilled to see that I have gone ahead and bought them anyway. He won’t be surprised, he knew it was coming, but I’m a little bit anxious to see his reaction.

The bottom line is this:

If momma ain’t happy…and all that.

Look. Sonja will at some point have an accident. An hour after he left for his trip, Sonja played on Ben’s then-single-bed and crashed face first onto the floor.

A day later she did it off a child’s chair…under my very nose.

A week ago she was watching tv and started screaming. When I came running she had fallen off the couch.

I cannot help the child. She is what she is.

So far, she has obeyed and respected the rule that she cannot go on the bunk bed ladder (and has been reprimanded severely for doing so yesterday) and she has not earned the right to try out the top bunk (to satisfy her curiosity) yet.

Both children so far understand that the bed is not a toy and that they will use it for sleeping, or reading prior to sleeping, only.

But Sonja is curious to see what it’s like up there, and I can understand that.

I promised that yes, one day, she will be allowed to see what it is like up there, but until I deem that time to be right she will wait. This is not a decision she can make.

So far it’s working.

My luck is that the kitchen is off their bedroom. I can see them from the spot where I spend the bulk of my time. Ironically this room location, a bedroom directly off the kitchen, was the main reason I did not want to purchase this house to begin with. But here we are 10 years later…

Let’s just say this: the children are alive and well, and I am happy with the added space.

Now we wait for daddy’s reaction…

2 thoughts on “Single mommy-ing

  1. What a big project with very cool results! Yay you! Ikea is awesome but putting their furniture together requires some focus, even without two kids underfoot or trying to “help” by doing things like opening all the nut, bolt and screw packages before you’re ready. I can’t wait to read about your husband’s reaction.

    It looks great and I’m tempted move forward with moving my 19 month old into the room with his 3 1/2 y.o sister in the big kid bed that his never-used crib turns into. He’s alternately on a crib mattress on the floor in our room or in our bed now. This momma’s not quite unhappy enough to do it. Yet. 🙂

  2. Thank you NatashJ, and yes, I am so happy with the new room. We’re still working on finalizing the other side of it, and I’m purging as I’m doing that (amazing how much stuff accumulates when you have kids…) but I am definitely happy about the results. Will post pictures again when we’re closer to completion.

    DH’s reaction was…well, he’s not happy, but he’s adjusting. I will blog about this in more detail at some point, but the main reason for him to be apprehensive was he was fearful that one of the kids, namely the younger one, the girl, will climb and fall and hurt herself. Well she hasn’t. Yet. Doesn’t mean she won’t…but like I said. Everyone is adjusting, and both kids are sleeping well in their ‘new’ room.

    My advice, if you’re asking, is to do what you feel is right, even if it means keeping a kid on a mattress beside your bed (we did) or in your bed (ours still comes)…you know when you’re ready, when the child is ready, when the family dynamic is ready. Won’t be without challenges, but ultimately it is YOUR family who is making the adjustments.

    Good luck to you! and Thank you for your comment.

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