Expanding waistline

That’s weird. It’s summer. I’m eating more salad stuff and veg stuff and what. Meat? Maybe it’s the meat?

My tummy area is expanding. Sucking it in is not really making a difference in my mirror profile. I gotta wear bathing suits for crying out loud…

Could be the wine.
Probably is the wine.
I don’t eat big portions of meat…


So I decided to treat my expansion with:

Swiss Chard!

red rainbow Swiss Chard

I got it growing in the back yard, and in the front, next to the tomato plants, in between the marigolds…

My neighbour has some and she said to take hers since she’s not around to eat it. The more the merrier.

Swiss chard is so versatile.

Swiss chard can be cooked like spinach. I do that sometimes, and chop it up and mix it into bean salads. Or sometimes whole wheat pasta salads.

I also like it just slightly steamed in some olive oil and sea salt. Some people like to add garlic, or onions. Goes great with a piece of bbq-ed meat, especially beef or lamb. You can eat it warm, or refrigerate it and eat it cold. Some people like to squeeze some lemon over it.

But you can also eat Swiss chard leaves raw, in salads.  Harvest the leaves when young and small, they are much more tender that way.

Did you know you can add chopped swiss chard to tomato-based sauces? I do that all the time. I make a big batch in the crock pot and freeze it in portions. The swiss chard adds all kinds of nutrients to your sauce, including vitamin A, C and iron. Supplementing the acidic tomato sauce with swiss chard helps to sweeten it. I just love the taste, and a drop of maple syrup in my sauce combines well with the chard.

So now I will excuse myself from this laptop and go off to invent delish recipes involving rainbow chard I will harvest from my own gardens. Pictures to follow.


2 thoughts on “Expanding waistline

  1. Really? I only discovered it in adulthood…but I tell you, even if you grow it ornamentally, those colourful stems are so attractive!

    Stay tuned for the pictures of my recipes…

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