End of summer moodyness

I’m painting, on a whim, the 1950s installed kitchen cabinets which were already painted once before, 10 years ago, by me.

The kitchen is ick. I mean, in an updated used-for-10-years kind of way.

The kitchen walls leading to the living room were drawn on with some sort of marker (Sonja? Probably.) and since I had left-over paint that was ugly for something downstairs but lovely for something else upstairs (an old dresser drawer thing that used to be ugly dark gray, and is now a lovely mustardy-yellow) I thought I’ll use up that full and brand new can of paint on the old kitchen cupboards. Because mustardy-yellow is much nicer than the terra-cotta colour I used to like and now am sick to death of.

Anyway. I’m painting the kitchen.

It is a LOT of work.


School hasn’t started…


They’re BOTH going to a sports camp next week in the afternoon. He is in soccer, she in a multi-sport thing. I will drop them off punctually at 12:45 pm and pick them up at 4 pm and the rest of the time I’m getting that kitchen done.

Because the week after next, the kids are in school and activities start and Sonja will be adjusting to a new school and a new routine and a five block walk to school for which she already has ample excuses on the ready at the mere suggestion that we expect her to walk to school with the rest of us each and every day AND BACK AGAIN…and then again to pick up her brother in the afternoon…

It will be kind of mental in the beginning weeks.

Which is why I’m painting now, with kids in the house.

I think I’m entitled to be in a bad mood.

The end.

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