Will they ever sleep through the night?

Sonja will be 4 years old on October 15.

It has been two weeks (2 weeks, that’s 14 days) where she has slept through the night 11 times.

She only came to visit me three times in the past fortnight.

My second child now sleeps through the night more often than not for the first time ever in her short life.

When she does get up, she gets up for a variety of reasons. Lately, if she gets up (and I catch myself saying IF and not WHEN for the first time EVER) it’s because her legs hurt.

I look at her when she’s upright and notice how much she’s grown in the past couple of months. No wonder her legs hurt…

She’s sleeping through the night most nights. All the way through.

To all those parents who have babes like mine…do not lose faith. That day(s) and week(s) and month(s) will come and your child well sleep through the night too.

Of that I am certain.


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