New beginnings

Slowly, slowly the stress of the unknown beginning of all things new for my kids (and me) is starting to take shape.

It’s creeping in….I’m trying to keep the door shut, but it’s not working very well…

Slowly it’s trying to take me over.

But those are my issues. They are not theirs. They seem to be fine and are looking forward to the beginning of a new school year and new beginnings with activities, hockey school and new friends.

As I type this I look around me and see their childhood in full bloom.The living room is transformed into a picnic area, complete with blanket, stuffed animals and dolls, and plastic food on plastic dishes. A long line of dinky cars follows the path through the living room, into and through the kitchen and down to their room. Little trucks found parking spots underneath various chairs, including the one I’m sitting on which is all crooked and makes typing awkward. But I don’t want to disturb the peace…Let them play like children. They ARE children.

School begins Tuesday for Benjamin with Grade 1 and Sonja starts junior kindergarten on Thursday. Until then, we are still in summer vacation mode.

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