When the harvest is abundant…

Eating like this is so easy! And nutritious! And fun!

And apparently I wasn’t the only one thinking of making salads with quinoa today…

The trick to cooking quinoa is to make sure you soak it first. Here is what I do:

Pour the quinoa into the pot you will be cooking it in. With the water on full blast (or use the ‘hose attachment’ if you have one), add water to the pot until it is full, making sure the quinoa is well agitated.

Let it soak for approximately 20 minutes.

Pour the soaked quinoa into a colander (obviously you need one with tiny tiny holes) and, using the running water again, rinse it well making sure you agitate the quinoa once again.

Put quinoa back into the pot, add cold water, simmer for 10-20 minutes (until you see the little seeds pop), and drain into the colander.

Rinse with cold water. Let it sit on the colander, back on the empty pot, with the lid on top (to keep it from drying out) for a while, so that it will drain properly.


I find that most dressings are too pungent for this family (well, I like pungent, but the little people not so much). A small amount of lemon juice with olive oil is usually all I need to add a bit of flavour to the quinoa. Mix it with veggies and herbs, and it’s delicious.

Benjamin, my 6 year old, said he doesn’t really like quinoa, but when I gave him a small bowl of the above pictured salad, he said he really liked it like that, mixed with the greens.

Recipe for Quinoa Salad with golden Beets

With the quinoa I added:

– golden beets (farmers’ markets had them!)
– cherry tomatoes (from my backyard)
– red little onions (from my mom’s back yard)
– herbs (parsley and chives from my back yard)
– lettuce (farmers’ market)

Toss and enjoy. Add more dressing (lemon and olive oil) or seasonings (sea salt? pepper?) or different herbs (chervil?) and veggies (we like fennel!) at will.

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