Links and headers and thoughts about life

I’ve been playing with my header and I just don’t like any of them. So I keep procrastinating all my activities I should be doing to fool around with picnik and flickr and uploaded photos and drinking coffee just to get a header I like. I want to include the kids but I don’t want to include them in every square so I guess it’s time to take the camera with me again on my daily walks to school and back. Fall is a nice time to photograph scenery, maybe I’ll snap a few nice shots to upload into my header.

Activities I’m currently involved in is primarily painting the kitchen. Which is progressing but oh so slow even after my accidental wound has all healed. Can’t wait to get it done.

I’m also spending more time on sifting through, signing, rejecting or filling out paperwork coming into this house from the school. The paper amount is insane and that’s just for Grade 1 and Junior Kindergarten. This reinforces my recent debate with DH that whatever paperwork we can make electronic we should make so. I’ve done it for a variety of household bills already, using epost as one method (and I actually quite like it, they email us when a bill has been sent to the account), but there are other bills that should be placed on that electronic account. I just haven’t had the opportunity to do so yet. Should make that a priority since I don’t foresee a slowdown in papers arriving at home with the kids any time soon…

Making lunches and suppers and spending enormous amounts of time on food planning, shopping and cooking also takes up time. DH has recently been reading a book about the Paleo diet, which focuses heavily on protein consumption, yet does not allow grains, whereas my Naturopath Doctor suggested I increase my protein as well yet does not discourage grains (quinoa for example is high in protein but is a grain, so I can eat it, he can’t), to help me ward off that afternoon slump. (It’s working!) The kids have their ups and downs with food, eating mostly well but sometimes not enough in my opinion (Benjamin has the appetite of an insect these days) and have certain quirks (I hate mexican burritos, I hate tortellini, waaaawaaaah!) which perplexes me since they’ve been eating the foods I make before and requested more of…now suddenly they hate it? I don’t get it.

And then there’s the whole packed lunch thing which is improving but an endless source of worry for me, as I wrote about here and here.


So off I go to get that laundry going, set up the kitchen for painting, make some soup for the girlie’s lunch, stick some meat in the crock pot, and pick up a paint brush.


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