Electronic time management

Do paper calendars still work today in a world of instant updates via the internet?

I only use my hard-copy calendars for the kids. That is, the kids use them, and by default practice their writing and time management skills.

For me, I go electronic all the way.

If I did not have my electronic calendar, which is easy to maintain but very time-consuming to initially set up, I would be dead and buried by now.

I use yahoo but they all have them: google, mobile phones have their own, microsoft, etc. Since I use yahoo for personal email I use the yahoo calendar, which recently got updated to allow for multiple colour scheduling, I have been super organized. Only downfall for someone like me who manages the entire family is if some of the family forgets to communicate important dates. Then the calendar appears incomplete and things fall through the crack.

Setting up the reminders is pretty quick and efficient once one is familiar with their chosen program. I make sure I remind myself a few days ahead of time when something pertinent is to happen next week to leave me time to shop. For example, birthday party invitations and upcoming Thanksgiving food donations are always something I tend to forget if I didn’t remind myself via something internet-y.

The recently obtained Blackberry I have has been really helpful, actually. I thought I would be endlessly distracted by it, but I find that keeping my life handy (no pun intended here) by carrying it with me everywhere has been enormously helpful. I can make notes in a separate section and add or delete to my heart’s content. My grocery list, gift ideas and a variety of other small but important tidbits can be kept all in one location accessible in real time.


September was such a busy month, I didn’t think it could get any busier…only it did! October looks dizzying…and I still only have half my kitchen painted, and managed to get myself a lovely head congestion type of cold. Thanksgiving and two birthdays are upcoming and I will have people in the house…time to stop the kitchen painting and get organized with all the other stuff.

And my Blackberry and yahoo calendars will help me keep it together.


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