Mobile service disruption

When we upgraded our ancient cell phones to Blackberries, I started relying on that thing for every possible event in my life, to the point where I was never without it.

I had my grocery shopping list in the memo part of the phone.

I had my gift ideas for various birthday or other gift-giving events in the same location under a different title.

I had lists of items I required at specific stores if the items I required were numerous (as in, say, more than 3). For example, if I needed three or more things that I knew I would get a Canadian Tire, I would simply make a new list called Canadian Tire and start listing the stuff I needed from there. This prevented me from having to sift through the lengthy grocery shopping list to find said items (like, say, duct tape. I can get duct tape at the grocery store, but I get better quality, and bigger roles of duct tape at Canadian Tire and since I also needed AAA batteries, and some kitchen utensil, I simply started a new list).

Because of this endless list making, I was never without my phone. Which meant that each time an email or text message icon popped up I would be enticed to check it. Who was emailing me? And why? What is the text about?

I turned into one of those youths who walked home from someplace with their heads bent down staring at a tiny electronic item in their hands.

Yep. That’s what happened to me and my Blackberry.

I like it.

So sue me.

BUT. Since today, the email portion of Blackberry isn’t working, and neither is the Blackberry instant messaging function.

Which sucks.

It sucks because a friend of mine in Germany who is having a baby at any moment (or in two weeks, give or take) is adamant that the child will be born on my birthday (so, earlier than the estimated due date).

And of all days, the mobile service is not working.

So sad.

So this morning I walked to school with the kidlets without my phone.

I thought, I should try this, see how serious my withdrawal symptoms may be. Turns out my withdrawal to email was nil. HOWEVER, I do not own a watch with a functioning battery in it, so while the kids dillydallied over fallen leaves and stray cats and who knows what else, I kept wanting to check the time to see if we were late.

No Blackberry meant I had no idea what time it was.

And that, my friends, is what it has come down to.

Mobile phones are important to my life.

So there.


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