Declaration – the month of ME

My naturopath doctor thought my idea was ingenious: I told her that I announced to my family that the month of November will be the month of me.


As in Javamom.

I am a person and have personal needs. All of which have been put on the back burner in favour of the various needs of the family since the beginning of school.

Well no more. November I plan on getting my various appointments, purchase new shoes, have the shoemaker fix my boots, perhaps even treat myself to some new clothes, arrange for a girls- day out and meet for coffee or lunch, and spend some quality time on my computer going through pictures. Maybe squeeze in a half day at the spa, with a massage or facial…


Otherwise, I’ll be dead and buried by the time the Christmas season starts…which, according to the retail establishment, is already in full gear.

But THAT is another day’s rant.


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