There are endless mundane tasks that need dealing with. Overwhelmed, bored, blah is how I feel about that.

My girlie is leaving me, of her own free will, for a 2-night sleepover at her grandparents. This is a first for her, the going on her own accord. Not that we forced her before, but she never announced before that she WANTED to go and WANTED to stay there…

This is good on two accounts:

1. I need some alone time that extends beyond a couple of hours. She’s in half-day Kindergarten, so with her gone as of this afternoon and all day Friday, I will have a longer period of time without a child around. Only pickup is Friday at 3:35 pm, plenty of time for me to be alone.

2. I need some alone time with that boy of mine. He’s been having some issues, one of which repeated to a similar but not as severe a degree just yesterday, resulting in the loss of two Halloween candies. When he started to complain about how ‘it’s NOT FAIR’ I reminded him that I could have taken away hockey on Saturday…that marked the end of the tirade. For now.

Discipline and consequences, following through, watching the empty threat syndrome, it’s all taking up a lot of energy and time. I shudder at the thought of Christmas coming…will I be in the mood? Will I be ready? Will I still have Halloween stuff lying about in two week’s time?

November is the month of me. The next two days, starting with a drop off at school this morning, will determine the course for the rest of the month, I think. Let’s hope I can find my stamina and make the most of it.


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