What about my month of me?

My month-of-me is not quite working out as I had planned.

But I’m still standing upright.


Been busy with dog sitting over the weekend, by myself with the kids, with DH off hunting. He came home with a grouse (or maybe it’s called a partridge?) and thankfully had it fillet and ready to cook by that time. I can’t quite envision myself plucking feathers off a hen-like looking animal…

He cooked it up with capers and lemon and it was delicious! It tasted like chicken but the texture was a little different. These animals living in the bush in the wild are very lean and eat things like beech nuts. I can truly understand now the difference between factory-animal meat and ‘real’ meat. Factory meat is soft and not nearly as flavourful (hence all the sauces and dipping one uses these days?) whereas wild meat requires little seasoning for maximum flavour. Not sure if I can feel the same way about deer meat, I’m not really a venison fan, but the poultry was ok. I can live with him bringing home more.

While he was off stomping around the bush, I also had to deal with hockey. Benjamin had lost an elbow pad some time ago so I had to get him new ones. Here’s a lesson:

Hockey Mom 101 – equipment

1. Padding consists mostly of velcro. When child takes off jersey chances are something could get caught inside it. Said item is not LOST but rather hanging invisibly inside hockey jersey.

2. Hockey jerseys are collected by the coach and not taken home. On game day (not practice day – see 3. below) they are left in the change room in in sequence. Therefore, before leaving the hockey jersey on the hanger, double check that no item is hiding inside it.

3. Practice hockey requires different jerseys than game hockey. If hockey player has different types of hockey socks not part of the game jersey, those too are encouraged. The end result is a team of pint-sized hockey players wearing every colour of the rainbow (it’s a co-ed team) during practice hockey.

Two weeks ago, Benjamin received a little trophy for scoring a first goal. His sister kept stealing it while he was trying to undress, causing some commotion (and bickering and whining and complaining). This was when we realized his elbow pad was missing. The following Saturday I left clear instructions they were required to repeat after me about how I expected them to behave and what the consequence was if they did not (i.e. Sonja would be escorted out to the car where she would be strapped into her seat to wait for us to return. By herself). The resulting behaviour was stellar (thankyouverymuch) and it was during that Saturday that Ben received a special select invite to participate in the Christmas hockey tournament. Of all four teams in his league, only about 20 kids will be selected, and he was one of them. He is very proud.

However. This now means additional hockey practice during the week. An adjustment to food preparation and meal times, as well as homework, had to be worked into my month-of-me, leaving me rather, um…fatigued.

I go to bed at 9 pm. Often I am asleep at 9:05.

The plans I had for this month, to deal with the window condensation problem and the kitchen painting, is delayed. But such is life.

Tomorrow is our standard Molly Day but I canceled it. We had her for 3 days over the weekend. I am hoping to complete at least the priming of the kitchen wall by tomorrow, or end of week at least. With her not here, I can plant the Kindergartener in front of a movie and hopefully accomplish the wall. If not…oh well. I can only do what I can do.


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