Balancing act with good and bad news

We need a new bathtub. That’s the bad news. The paint has been chipping off the top rim, and now it’s starting on the floor of the tub. I’m afraid we should really replace everything in this old, original 1949 bathroom, but that’s not quite doable right now. But we have to start looking around before the water leaks and causes [further] damage.

The good news is that the kitchen wall is painted. Tomorrow I can put the shelving back up and then I can ignore the rest of the kitchen until after Christmas. I tell people, look up! The cupboards above the counter are all done, nice and new and clean-looking! Don’t look down, the cupboards are still the old colour and I haven’t spent much time cleaning the various splatters down there.

There is no time. There is never time. But unfortunately a leaky bathtub will have to trump pretty much everything else since the last thing I need is more damage in areas below the bathroom.


Here’s some more good-news-bad-news:

Our 6yo can participate in the Santa Claus parade this year! He and his Beaver scouting buddies get to sit on a real float! HA! That’s great news.

Bad news – two more things to add to the already jam packed schedule this week. One night to go decorate the float, and one day to be part of the parade. Which is kind of good news, too.

More good news is that Ben got picked to play in the Christmas hockey tournament with 15 other players, carefully selected out of about 80 kids on his hockey league. He’s so proud. Considers himself part of the ‘all-star team’.

Bad news is there is additional hockey practice this week. Which isn’t really bad news, it just means more scheduling into an already full schedule. Being extra proactive with meal planning and homework while coughing up a lung (me, not him) is kind of tiresome, but alas, my kid is an all-star hockey player at age 6! (lol)

Good news is that some family wants to come over for Christmas. Bad news is that the oven is broken, or more specifically, the oven’s glass window has a crack on the inside of it. Can’t really cook turkey if the window isn’t insulating the heat properly on the inside of the oven, and leaking some of it out…

…which means GOOD news that I get a new stove, only…..

…the bad news is we can’t afford a new stove since we already need a new bathtub we can’t afford…

…which means GOOD news that we’ll just invite ourselves to someone else’s house for a hot meal at Christmas.

Or something.


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