Good and bad candy in North America

This post is partly inspired by the still full boxes of Halloween candy in our house, partly because of this article in PhD in Parenting, and partly because I am about to increase the sweet factor by baking Christmas cookies.

* * *

It starts with Halloween.

Then comes Christmas, Valentine’s day, Easter…

The candy/chocolate/sweets overload begins with each celebrated event and never seems to end.

There’s an interesting thing happening at my house. The kids’ Halloween boxes are still full of candy.


In our North-American-peanut-free-allergies-anxious childhood, my kids picked out all the peanut candies first (Oh Henry and the like) and left the rest of it in their boxes.

They ask me ‘mom can we have candy’ and sometimes I say yes. They go to their boxes, pick through them, and then return to me and say ‘mom can we have some chocolate’.

I say ‘do you still have chocolate bars in your boxes’ and they say ‘yes, but we don’t like that kind’.


I go check.and see more ‘candy’ than ‘chocolate bars’…

So I go to my pile of Swiss chocolate, recently brought back by my mom from Switzerland, and hand out a couple of pieces to each child.

They eat it, and stop asking for more.


Because the Swiss chocolate that mom brought back is made with good, whole ingredients, rather than corn syrup and artificial flavourings. At least that is what I tell myself is the reason.

Benjamin gets headaches every single time he eats artificial candy. He does not get headaches after eating a good quality piece of Swiss chocolate.

So I say ‘go ahead, pick out a piece of chocolate Grosmami brought back’ and leave it at that.

Now, what to do with all this candy? Can you donate Halloween candy? I am not sure I feel comfortable donating crap to children…so throw it in the garbage? No way I’m composting this stuff…but if it ends up on the landfill, will I poisen the sea gulls?


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