On and on and on…

This year I vowed to keep things calm and peaceful and not let it get to me.

It went mostly ok, until today.
Well, yesterday.
Or more like the whole of last week.

Anyway, I am battling those holiday stress fatigue depression things that everyone else is battling so I’m sitting in bed with my laptop in the middle of the day.

I’m overwhelmed and unhappy.

I need cocoa with whip cream and sprinkles.

Next week is busy. Next week is the kids’ Christmas concert on two different days, one of which conflicts with hockey practice, Molly Day on Wednesday which is forecast with rain, and a grocery shopping trip I’ve been avoiding for two weeks.

And I have to wrap presents, send a letter I forgot to mail to Italy, and bake the rest of the cookies of the cinnamon hazelnut stars that are going to be oh so delish. Unless I burn them. (Note to self: set the timer)

I also have an out of town appointment on Thursday which will be my first day of having a few hours free of children and their endless obligations.

I’m hoping Sonja will calm down a bit. She managed to run into a piece of furniture I had to move to accommodate the tree, knocked over the half-decorated tree which made the water in the stand run under the couch, and break two ornaments.

It was an ACCIDENT is her mantra.

In order for her to calm down I have to demonstrate calm, which is going to be tough. But someone has to take the first step…certainly can’t expect the 4yo to do it.

Now, what’s for dinner?

It never ends.

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