On my Christmas wish list I am putting down some new desires, beyond the usual ‘peace and quiet’ I always ask for and never get.

A secretary would be nice, for one thing. And a cleaning lady…but can she, will she, also deal with the clutter before she cleans? I don’t mean to be picky, but if she’s just going to wipe around the clutter, that won’t be helpful to me, and I’d have to fire her right before Christmas, and how bad a person would that make me?

Actually, my Blackberry has been immensely helpful. But still, I find myself constantly standing in someone’s way while checking my various lists in the handheld…the guy at the Bulk Barn must have said excuse me several times while I stood there engrossed in my list of what I need from there.

Yet I have to admit…things are looking up. Sort of…

For now.


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