On my mind: purging

So much so that I started a new blog with a neighbour:


Time will tell if we can practice what we preach. Today I came up with 6 easy steps on how NOT to start the cleanup, and I’m currently stuck on step 5…

Every year I go through this. I think of what it would have been like had we moved, had we renovated differently, had we bought more functional furniture, but alas, I am not alone. Not in this neighbourhood.  We all share similar complaints: the houses are old, they are not built for today’s contemporary lifestyles full of electronic gadgets, they don’t have enough closet space, insulation, space..

But as one of my family members pointed out the other day, our house may be small, but it’s a happy house. The kids are happy surrounded by their stuff, and I…well, I’m stuck on step 5.

Happy Boxing day! Try not to shop for more stuff (is my advice).




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