On the eve of a new year

I love the kids to death. I really really do. But is it possible that they could stop talking for just a few minutes? Please??

Next week they are in camp part time in the afternoon for a few days. Sigh…

I am tired. VERY tired. She doesn’t sleep through the night, and days are busy…and she talks too much. Most of it is repetitive, loud, and inquisitive. Frankly, I just don’t care…

I took them to Ikea this afternoon. We dropped the girl off at Smalland or whatever the little play ground area is called, and Ben didn’t want to go so he walked around with me looking at stuff, and then I bought them dinner there.

Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do to preserve your sanity. Especially since my best efforts to convince DH to take the girl hunting with him were futile.

Tomorrow we’re back at the rink. Ben plays for gold or silver in the Tyke game, and will get a metal out of it. His first ever…so that will be exciting.

Will I be able to stay awake to welcome in the New Year? I seriously doubt it, even though some family will be visiting with us. I suggested to Ben that maybe tomorrow he can help me blow up the air mattress so we can all snuggle together in the living room if some of us are too tired to stay awake…what a bunch of party poopers we are. I guess we’re feeling old(er).

Nevertheless, happy New Year from me to you!

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