Tainted food

So mom shows up with delicious food from Wholefoods. Spinach croissant…YUM!

I ate two for lunch and nothing else.

By supper time I had full-fledged food poisoning.

It just makes you think, doesn’t it. You shop in a reputable store, you watch how you prepare food yourself, you do what it takes to keep everything washed and clean and hygienic, and still, there’s food poisoning.

I felt terrible throwing out the other four croissants. My kids love the spinach ones (and luckily didn’t eat them). They must have cost a pretty penny, and they were so fresh and good…I feel sad.

It makes me wonder if it was the spinach, the most likely culprit. Even if it was grown organically, like with all food that gets produced for mass consumption, at one point or another it gets handled. Was it the spinach? Was it due to the growing, the packaging, the handling?

It’s highly unlikely it was not the croissants that caused me this grief. I ate the same thing for breakfast as everyone else in the household, and was the only one who ate the croissants for lunch. I had nothing to snack prior to dinner and no dinner at all since by then I was already feeling nauseous.

It had to be the croissants.


But all is well now. Making a lovely roast for supper in the crock, and I tell you, after two days of eating nothing, I am FAMISHED!

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