The winter that isn’t

I have been thinking about putting an ice rink in our tiny backyard, for the kids to have a project over the winter months. Even though we don’t have any snow. Nor do we have consistently cold weather, either. In fact, the grass is sprouting and the spring flowers are pushing up through the muddy soil. Very weird for a city in Canada…


On my way back from picking up Molly today I passed a house that had a blue tarp all over their backyard. At first I thought they put in a pool, but then I realized it was an ice rink! Or rather, a wanna-be ice rink…

The idea of purchasing lumber and tarps and spending a lot of time putting together a rink I have never made before, with or without the help of other people around here, is kind of intimidating to me. But then I saw this.

I think I’m going to purchase this. The product is Canadian made (my old University town!), and adjustable in terms of size, and comes as a kit with everything included. I don’t need lumber, nails or tools, and simply click the pieces together.

Then I’ll put the kids in charge of keeping snow off it, should we ever get any around here…

Yes. I’ve convinced myself. I’m going to order it. Let the skating begin!


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