Verbal reminders, aka nagging

It never ends. Does it.

He walked behind me to school, looking a little bit off. I said ‘what’s the matter with your hands?’ and he said ‘they’re cold’.

‘Where’s your gloves?’

Shrug. It’s cold out, he is wearing two layers, winter boots, and a hat. It doesn’t occur to him to put gloves on?

Do I have to remind him of every article of clothing? Still, today, at close to 7 years old?

The answer is yes.

His eyes welled up with tears. I felt bad (also exasperated). I gave him mine. He said he would like it if I would get him his gloves prior to his first recess. I said no. I also said that I was kind enough to give him my gloves even though my own hands are now cold.

He almost cried. I launched into a chat with him, about how he has my gloves now, and that the earliest I can get his gloves to him was at lunchtime when I was going to be there anyway to pick up his sister.

Then we talked about how the verbal reminders (or nagging) I give from the moment I get up to the moment I lock the door behind me was supposed to get them to do the stuff I tell them to do. They’re not supposed to ignore the advice. I said:

‘Benjamin, it’s not hard. You already do some of the things very well in the morning without me telling you. But when it’s time to get dressed and you’re reaching for things like winter boots and hats, this should be enough of a clue for you to also get your gloves ready. I shouldn’t have to remind you of every single piece of clothing you need to remember to put on.’

He gets it. I think. I hope…


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