The versatility of a simple pot of soup

I made tomato soup.

Although the kids won’t eat it, sick DH will, and so will I…so I made an extra big pot. Because soup is meant to be versatile, I can now add things to it, just to liven it up a bit.

The basic recipe is so simple, it’s not even a real recipe. I simply took a can of tomatoes and blended them smooth with pressed fresh garlic, and a whole bunch of spices (I used oregano, thyme, garlic powder, onion powder, celery salt and a small pinch of hot pepper flakes).

Then I heated some olive oil in pot, added some chopped onions and carrots (and I would have added celery if I had some in the house, which I didn’t), and stirred in some sea salt, pepper and maple syrup. Once the onion was translucent looking, I poured the blended tomatoes into the pot, added a cup of chicken broth, and let the entire thing simmer for an hour on medium-low heat.

Today I will take half the soup and simmer it with some leftover chicken pieces, and possibly stir in some squash as well.

Tomorrow I might add some beans and pasta to the other half the soup.

Easy, warm and filling. And lunch is ready with minimum fuss for an entire week.


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