Mud in January

We have no snow. We have what I thought was cold enough weather to put the kids into snow pants.

Turns out the weather wasn’t cold enough to freeze the landscape.

May I present reason 27 why I hate this winter?

How about reason 35?

They play soccer at lunchtime. And recess. And the grass is muddy. Which doesn’t prevent those boys from playing soccer.

It’s the highlight of school. I realize this. He and his buddies all look the same, and his teacher is awesome about it (even though I’m a little mortified at the state of the classroom, particularly his work station and surrounding area).

The other parents are kind of resigned about the dirt too. They’re boys, and they are active, and they’re having fun, is what we’re all thinking….

So we do laundry. Every day….because they come home this way every day…


Still, snow doesn’t require as much work. And wet clothing don’t require laundering on a daily basis…But hey, I got a happy kid! What’s a little mud.



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