The memory of 6 year old boys


On Sunday my mom was mad.

This is what my kid wrote in his weekend journal at school.

Excuse me, but that boy is getting his days confused; it was SATURDAY that I was mad.


We had just had a four-day weekend, with Friday and Monday no school, and for three of those days we had all kinds of fun activities. Not to mention that we have Molly on vacation with us for 10 days.

And the one thing he remembers to write about is that I was mad?

Yes. It kind of bothers me. Particularly because I reviewed the weekend with him on the way to school, on Tuesday. We talked about all the fun things we did. Like how he, Sonja and his dad took Molly to the leash-free park and there was so much mud we had to wash her off in the bathtub afterwards. Like we went for an outdoor picnic in a gazebo up in the snowbelt on Sunday (just an hour’s drive from where we live). Like we looked for deer, coyote and rabbit tracks in the snow up there. Like we checked out his uncle’s new music studio at the house the following day, and he got to play electric guitar and sing into a microphone.

I guess it’s kind of funny, what kids remember. He also wrote this:

On Friday I was bored and sat on the couch and watched TV.


He did remember his hockey game on Saturday, and that they won 8-2 (of course he remembers THAT), but if you browse through his weekend journal, hockey is mentioned in some format or other on every single page. So no surprise there.

Still…mom was mad?


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