When there are steps in the house

There is something mildly irritating about having steps in one’s house. We don’t have them going up, but we have them going down. Hence, when I place certain items (from large impossible to ignore laundry baskets to tiny toys like lego) directly in front of the steps, one would think the next person who descends into the family rec room would pick up some item, particularly if one has to either move, or step over it, and carry it down into the abyss.

But alas, this is not the case.

Ok, so the 4yo doesn’t technically have to remember (yet), but I’m trying to train her that if the toy resembles something belonging to her (Strawberry Shortcake comes to mind) perhaps she could, on her way down there, take it with her and place it in the drawer?

The almost 7yo…he is of the male persuasion so perhaps it’s a thing that renders him to not see things he steps over. He will do it if reminded but that requires me to hover near the steps, so I may as well just take the item down myself than to enter arguments and negotiations.

But the other adult…well he does remember most of the time. AND he does ALL the laundry on the weekend so technically if he’s busy carrying baskets up and down the steps he is allowed to step over or move other items I stack there. Still, it sometimes does boggle my mind when I see from the corner of the kitchen a physical hip-movement to make a passable path past the stacked boxes or bins without an attempt to pick one up. Maybe it’s my fault, because ultimately there is no designated place to put it down there unless it’s a specific item such as a toy or a book. If it’s a bin or a box, even I don’t always know where to deposit it when I get there.

Let’s chalk it up to a quirk and move on.


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