Aiming high(er)

The dresser in the kids’ room looked like this once:

No it’s got crap all over it. I’ve been meaning to get to it but then I have had some drama of late…so the crap stays on top of the dresser and I don’t feel particularly stimulated cleaning it up or putting it away.

Now the dresser looks like this:
The box has stuff in it I want to donate. The art needs to be hung up or photographed and filckr’d so that if I throw it out she can’t complain that I don’t like her art. (I like her art, but there is too much of it). The binder with the hockey cards should be put together by someone else than me (i.e. the hockey player in this house) and the other random stuff should be put where it belongs.

Alas, my hallway outside the bathroom looks similar. So does a corner in the bedroom. Also I have clean laundry in the basket that has prevented me from doing MORE laundry…

To tell you the truth I feel kind of unmotivated to do just about anything these days. Going into a busy weekend/week off with birthdays and March Break and stuff going on and the weather improving and and and.

We’re out of bread.
I can’t even make her a sandwich.

I need to bake cupcakes. Shop for things like bread and vegetables. Again. And either get it together and find him his inline skates at some store or forgetaboutit and get him something else alltogether since ohmygod my baby is turning 7 in a few days!




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