Teething isn’t just a baby challenge

I am the mother of a 7 year old boy.

I am the mother of a teething 7 year old boy. Who said teething is over after they get their baby teeth?

This child of mine has lost 7 teeth in the last year. He turned 7 on Tuesday. He has swollen gums, dry and cracked lips and, as a result of a combination of licking himself to wet the lips and wiping his drippy nose with the back of his hand downwards toward his mouth, he displays a wide variety of rashes, blisters and oozing blotches around the entire right side of his mouth.

Note: the picture above was taken prior to the oozing and rashes…

I blame teething. But what do I know, I’ve never had a 7 year old kid before…

* * *

Both his parents enjoy cavity free teeth. We want the same for our children. I grew up in Switzerland where lunchtime, both for school children and working people, was two hours long. For many, this meant a hot lunch at home, followed by…you guessed it, a visit to the bathroom to brush your teeth.

When we moved to Canada, and I entered grade 6, my mom encouraged us to bring our toothbrushes to school and brush after lunch, which was to be eaten at school during the 55 minutes of the standard lunch break. That didn’t last long, since no one did this, and it was kind of gross, frankly. But we lucked out, all three of us, and we managed to maintain a cavity free mouth into adulthood.

My kids are good with brushing their teeth in the morning and at night. They do complain when I suggest they brush their teeth after eating something sweet, like candy, or a type of food that discolours their mouths. Ben got, for his birthday, a soother-type candy which made his entire mouth blue, and it took him a while to brush off the artificial food colouring of that disgusting candy. But he did it, on his own, after I suggested he go look at himself in a mirror…

Good oral hygiene begins at home, and like so many things parenting, good role-modeling can help the children maintain a healthy mouth and teeth. I just hope that with the impending Easter candy festivities and all the subsequent other candy-giving holidays that are so important to childhood, the kids can continue to remain cavity free.


2 thoughts on “Teething isn’t just a baby challenge

  1. You have described my youngest son to a tee – the teething thing really bothers him. He has the cracked lips and pain – I feel for him and your little guy.

  2. Poor little guys. Ben doesn’t complain too much about it, but it looks painful to me!

    Lip balm, and reminders to keep the area clean is helpful. Sometimes I even put some probiotic powder from a capsule, mixed with a little bit of yogurt, on the blistering area. Seems to help.

    Thanks for the comment Sharon.

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