Taking care of worms kid-style

We all have heard that worms are good for the soil, good for the compost, good for a bird’s diet…

Did you know that worms make good pets too?

In actual fact, Sonja wanted to care for a bug. I sent her in the garden to look for one but she came back whiny disappointed. So I offered to help her make a worm hotel.

All you need is:

  • a large, empty glass jar (pickle jar will do fine)
  • cheese cloth (or paper towel, or lid with holes in it)
  • soil (don’t buy it, get the kids to dig a shovel into a spot in your garden where no one will notice a bit of a hole)
  • compost or kitchen scraps


  • Fill jar with soil, about halfway.
  • Add compost or kitchen scraps. Sonja picked out a sweet potato peel, a top of a strawberry and a squishy grape.
  • Use a stick to push the yummy bits into the soil.
  • Add worm(s). She picks them up with her hands….fine by me, long as I don’t have to touch them…
  • If the soil is on the dry side, add a small amount of water. Take care not to drown the worms.
  • Place cheese cloth on top with elastic (or fasten other top). I don’t know how necessary this is, I’m doing it more for a preventative measure since Sonja is 4 and carries her worm hotel around the house…
  • Enjoy the worm hotel by keeping it in a shady spot, away from direct sunlight.

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