You’re a bully!

Is it simply irksome or is it a symptom of a bigger problem, that schools are teaching and training and emphasizing and explaining to first graders, and younger, what bullying is?

Because I’m beginning to think that some of these so-called topics they teach the kids these days end up getting interpreted in ways that indicates a misunderstanding, or worse, in these young children.

Where do we draw the line?

Since when is it acceptable for a kid to call his mom a bully? Why would he choose that word to begin with? How is it that he feels completely justified calling me this name?

I am more than just a little irritated.

I know of a kid, a then 9-year old, who called the cops on his parents when they insisted he complete his homework prior to playing with his younger brother (or something to that effect).

Is this what it has come to? The kids’ trump everything, and then some?

Maybe I’m the one who’s confused.

If you’re read this far and still want to know what happened, read on.

Our morning routine is the same as yours. Some days are fine, other days are annoying. Getting them READY and OUT of the house in a timely fashion that does not set the tone for a negative day is…the same as your morning routine.

We’re leaving at half past.
We’re leaving at 8:30, do you have x and y ready?
We’re leavig in 10 minutes, did you brush your teeth yet?
Get your shoes on, we’re leaving at half past, remember?
Where’s your shoes? It’s half past, we’re leaving now.
You STILL don’t have your shoes on…

I walk toward him, lower myself to his eye-level, and, as he starts to move away from me to avoid what he knows is going to be a very stern conversation, grab his wrists. I grab his wrists and hold him in place and speak (not yell) in a deep, quiet, ‘do not screw with me’ voice the following words:


He creates such drama, about how I’m a bully and how what I did holding his wrists like that is bullying, I swear for a moment he rendered me speechless.

I’m not allowed to hold his wrists. I’m not allowed to raise my voice. I may get reported if I do….

Huh? Is this where we are?

Excuse me if this rubs me the wrong way. I now have to re-teach MY values without negating the school/community/mainstream values to a child who feels completely justified to call his mother a bully.

It bothers me.



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