It feels like Christmas around here

Or more correctly, the week after Christmas. Because of the stuff, you see.

Know what I mean?

There is nothing like coming back from a high-maintenance vacation (i.e. camping) that makes the house look similar to Boxing week. There are bins and piles of stuff all over the basement that need to be packed back up and put somewhere.

Where, is the question. Because I seem to be having less, not more, space.

Anyway, I’m looking to purge again. And maybe move the camping stuff to my parents’ basement (unless they have disowned me by then) once we take the hockey gear back (which we don’t need now, hence it is housing over there). Seriously…this is getting old.


Anyway, I do what I can. Which is ignore the mess and take the kids to family swim. Nothing else makes sense in this endless heat.


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