This I know about the end of summer

I do better with routine.

At least after taking a break from routine, at which point I actually enjoy being routine-less. For example, by the end of May I look forward to having the kids finish up school in a few weeks so I can drop the endless routine and relax.

But now?

It’s mid-August. The back-to-school sales have begun. In some places (parts of the USA, certain European countries) the kids are already back in class. We are still in summer vacation mode here and…it’s getting kind of old.

July was awesome. We had plans, there was some summer camp stuff, we went camping…but since coming back I have felt unwell. And irritable. And tired. Fatigued, really. Sickish. Unmotivated to take the kids out and unable to spend money.

But my kids are active, and athletic. They want to burn energy in ways that make me feel even more unmotivated. So I take them swimming, which is effortless for me since mostly I just stand in the water and make sure they don’t jump on top of each other. But they’ve been doing that since May and they’re kind of getting bored with this. Or I take them for a bike ride, sometimes with Sonja in the trailer, sometimes a longer one without her, but only if it’s still morning and the heat wave is still tolerable. But even that is…meh. Mostly, I just want them to entertain themselves so I can sit and plan my nonexistent routine.

We were supposed to take a little road trip to visit a friend and check out some areas where we might have to move to, once the final decision is announced next month a his work. But he got called in to work in the middle of his vacation for yet another situation that could not be left, and that kind of interrupted our vacation-mode.

Maybe it’s the uncertainty about when, or where, we will be moving to. Maybe it’s hormones.

Frankly, I’m ready for summer to end.


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