Fresh produce and a money jar

There is not a single piece of fruit in this house today.

Not an apple, not a peach. There is a squishy kiwi that no one wants, and some watermelon pieces that got shoved to the very back of the fridge that are a little mushy, but since no one is eating that stuff I’m sticking with my story. There is no fruit in the house.

Let them eat cucumbers and cherry tomatoes, they’re growing in great abundance both in the front and backyard gardens. Oh, and a trip to the farmers’ market is in store today too.


I made a money  jar. I had a sudden realization that with school starting in a few weeks, I will need oodles of cash for the children’s endless financial needs the school subjects them to. Last year the boy needed 5 bucks for the agenda, then there was the snack program each kid had to contribute $15 to, the fundraising events that needed small change in the form of coins and small bills, pizza and Subway Fridays…

So every few days I wander around the house stealing various coins lying around. I even go so far as to sneak into DH’s wallet and taking out the $5 bills. It all gets placed in my homemade little money far.

jar for coins and small bills

Collect school money in a simple pickle jar for school.

Hopefully people will stay OUT of the jar and refrain from ‘borrowing’ the coins for the ice cream truck, or public transit…


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