Childlessness and uninterrupted thoughts

The children are not here.

I can hear myself think.

I can finish each sentence I type without interruption.



I noticed how dirty the bathroom is. When was the last time I cleaned it? I can’t remember now…have we been using that bathroom often? Aren’t they always in the pool? But there are smudges and dirt. Maybe I need to declare a cleaning day when school is back on.

Also, what possessed me to purchase a cranberry-coloured area rug? I can see very speckle of dust and dirt on it. Where is the vacuum cleaner? When was the last time I vacuumed in this house?


There are tomatos and other produce piled in various places around the house. The harvest season is in full swing and I should be doing something with it. Tomato salad? Cucumber salad? Requires chopping. Lots and lots of chopping…I guess I could go and chop some veggies from beginning to end without having to wipe my hands to help Barbie don a new dress…

But on my way to the kitchen I am likely to trip over outgrown hockey equipment. It is here in the middle of my living room floor. Because hockey school starts in two weeks and most of the equipment is too small…

Why can’t that boy move his bag to someplace else? Isn’t the basement big enough for his gear? Oh wait, the lego multiplied and escaped the rigid rule of ‘keep it on the mat’…


I am thinking thoughts. Uninterrupted thoughts. And it is heavenly.


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