To pet or not to pet in this house

We need a pet. Some sort of animal that belongs to us that we can care for, and touch, and play with, but doesn’t take up too much time and energy.

I’m thinking cat. But that’s not going to happen, for now, for a while probably.

I’m thinking dog, too. We are dog people, we used to have a dog, and we still have our Molly-girl part-time, but…it’s too much for me to handle a dog right now. We’re supposed to be preparing for a move, and all, and this house is too small for us, never mind adding another big person-like thing into the house.

I thought of guinea pigs. They’re easy for kids to play with, but again, they take up space. Where are we going to store the cage?

There’s a possibility of a turtle, a semi-aquatic one that we could adopt, but I’m on the fence again about that option. Partly because I never had a reptile, and partly because I researched it and realized that it’s not the best animal to have for small children who will want to touch it and play with it. Apparently reptiles aren’t crazy for that, and there’s other reasons.

So. What to do? For now maybe we just stick with Molly? She’s the best dog, the easiest dog, the cutest dog, and she doesn’t shed. She also doesn’t cost us anything because she doesn’t truly belong to us, even though she thinks she does, but we still spoil her with toys and treats, occasionally.

Still, I feel out of sorts without animals in the house. And Sonja especially is constantly asking for a pet.

Once we know when we’re moving, where we’re moving to, and what the new house and property will look like, we will be getting a dog or two, for sure. Maybe even a cat or two…we shall see.

In the meantime…she can collect snails and bugs. As long as she leaves them outside.


3 thoughts on “To pet or not to pet in this house

  1. Definitely don’t get a turtle. We were at a reptile show and they told us all the reasons not to get one (salmonella and they live a very long time – as in your kids, kids will have it as a pet)

    At our house we have a cat, a foster cat, two hamsters, two frogs and a goldfish.

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